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Monday, October 8, 2007

windows ultimate vinyl edition!

Where do YOU want to SCRATCH today?  :-)

Although this image may seem funny, in reality you can have data on audio cassettes and even records like this (LPs)

I can recall the sinclair spectrum micro computer had about 50kb per 5 mins of tape or that would give us 450kb per LP record...
Since one LP record can fit 45 mins of sound.

Therefore to fit a Vista dvd (I estimate the dvd to be 3 gb of data) in LP
records you would need 6666.66666666666.... records


Screenshot for those who mix up the decimal points with commas (depending on what part of the world you are)
Notice the last digit is 7, but I suspect that the real number goes on with ...666666... infinitely

The number 6666.6666.... seems satanic... I wonder what would be installed if you would play these record backwards :-)

I dont think you can get much more demonic that Vista already is.. LOL!

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