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Thursday, September 27, 2007

At last!!!>> I am announcing THE NEW ERA OF OS's

I decided to announce the future so I can end this fussing about Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu Linux etc.

One thing is for sure... Vista is the doomsday machine for Microsoft whether you like it or understand it or not. It is true.

The future is different than you all think. But I know it.

SO who will win? Windows, MacOSX, or Ubuntu Linux?

The answer is NONE OF THEM!

So who will win and how?


There will be no desktop "OS".. everything will be web based... your whole OS will be online.

This will be possible because of the new extremely fast internet connection speeds.

-You wont have to download anything because it will already be "there"

-You will have unlimited space because the data will not be stored locally...

-All apps will install with one click and never have a configuration problem because they will not even be installed on your own computer,rather they will be like modules only being activated on the server.

-Updates will be automatic, you will only be asked if you want the update...

-Sending a 1 gb file to a friend will be almost instant since it will never even pass through "your" computer rather it will be relayed from the network.

What will be the underlying OS on your PC running this web based OS? It will probably be a thin and lite opensource version of Linux.

However existing computers will also be able to log onto this web OS with their "obsolete bulky monsterous OS's"

Who will win the web based OS war is another thing.... but one thing is for sure... it wont be Microsoft!

Vista is killing Microsoft and its going down.
The fact is that the best man will win since switching to a new "OS" will be like surfing to a new web site.

There will be an OS war like never before... and all this competition will benefit the consumer who will get everything for free!

Wars for giving something out for free?

YES.. because whoever controls this Web OS will be able to make money like Google does.

All this is not new.... this is what they thought computing would be when computers started to exist!
They thought there would be several super duper mainframes that would do all the work and then millions of stupid cheap "terminals" that people would use. In fact The president of IBM Thomas K. Watson is said to have claimed that 5 supercomputers are enough to serve the world.
(this probabaly is a misquote, see "famous misquote" on this page )

He said it because he was thinking of central computing. And I believe that this is a solution now that the internet is getting faster.

As you see things are going full circle... but it would not be that way IF VISTA WAS GOOD.

If vista was good then there would be no need for other solutions for many years to come. Do you all now understand the significant historical implications of Vista's FLOP?

Vista unintentionally will change computing forever! HA!

Perhaps an engineer is reading this message now, and he will get the idea im talking about that will change the computing world.Under this perspective it will be I that will have changed the world :-)

Hardware will be CHEAP AS DIRT to run this thing. There will even be machines with no hard drive at all... just a flash drive to boot up the machine..


See the ZONBU

more videos about the zombu here:

I am talking about under $100 for a computer...this will enable the whole world to be online, and this will indeed have an impact on humanity like nothing ever seen before in history.

This also means that your "computer" will be available in any place YOU are. For example, you go to an internet cafe, you log onto YOUR account and instantly your own desktop is there for you, you log onto the office account and you have your office desktop at home.. this is simple its possible and convienent and IT WILL HAPPEN. THIS will be the death of Microsoft. Not Linux, not MACOS, since its Microsoft that will not be ableor willing to follow this course of web based OS.


Simply because MS doesnt think like that, they want to sell their desktop OS, and they are not flexible fast enough.