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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hard Disk Review: EXTREMELY FAST Western Digital BLACK series!


I had a Seagate 500 gb hard disk that failed on me after only 50 days of use… Fortunately I had wdfDesktop_CaviarBlack non critical data on that disk… 

So I took it for replacement. I knew that Seagate often gives “Certified REPAIRED” disks after the first failure and I didn't want to risk that.. so I asked if I could get another one instead.

So I researched the subject a bit and found that the site has very nice reviews from customers.. in the future I will use it as a reference for any purchase of hardware.

I read that Seagates of the make I had, were failing often. The I saw reviews about the BLACK series of Western digital. What I read was very interesting.

These drives were more expensive but they were FASTER and MORE RELIABLE!

And that's what I needed!

So I got a 640 Gb disk Model: WD6401AALS and out of curiosity I compared it with another disk I have on my pc…

Below you will see the comparison using HD tune 2.55 a free hard disk benchmark and info tool.

On the left is the new drive that has an average access time of 12 ms, burst rate of 87.3 (average) and cpu usage of 1.7.

Compared with the Seagate on the right (320 gb disk) that has access time 14.8 and only 74.7 burst rate average.

What is more interesting is the maximum transfer rate which on the Western digital is 116.5 MB/second while on the Seagate its 78 MB/sec. The difference is HUGE!!!

And I can feel the difference when using the computer. Of course I installed the new Western D. disk as my first boot disk. Bottom line. If you want a fast disk to install windows onto.. this is the one you want!!!

---Click on image for larger version----

hdd performance

More info on this disk can be found here

it comes in 4 flavors, 1 TB, 750 GB, 640 GB, and 500 GB.

Western digital claims that these drives are "WD's best hard drive ever."!


Comments welcome. What are your experiences with hard drives?

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