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Monday, December 29, 2008

HOWTO: Enable WOL wake on lan for Asus P5Q motherboard


follow the following steps:


1) From the Bios (From default settings):

  • Power -> APM -> Power On by PCI Devices = Enabled

2) From Vista > Control Panel (switch to classic mode from link on the left pane)-> Device Manager

Right click on the atheros network adaptor (I have the latest drivers for my network adaptor from the asus site). Then follow the red arrows.



After doing the above I noticed that the pc would wake up on its own.

So I went again in the device manager and changed the settings as you can see in the image below:


Thats it! Now WOL is enabled


Comments are welcome!


  1. In my opinion you must enable
    "Power On by PCIE Devices" NOT
    "Power On by PCI Devices"


  2. pci-E is for a graphic card.. does that have to do with a network card..

    its PCI

    1. On the contrary PCI-E is a comms protocol, it is USED by some graphics cards but it's used by countless other devices too (even network interfaces like the one on this motherboard, even though it's mounted directly on the motherboard, PCI-E is still being used under the hood).

  3. The first commenter is right. You have to enable "Power On by PCIE Devices".
    If you look at the ethernet controller name in the Device Manager: "Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller" you see it is indeed a PCI-E NIC.
    On other motherboards with other NIC's it could be a PCI device, but on the ASUS P5Q it's a PCI-E device.

  4. unbreakable is wrong. There are lots of devices that use the PCI-E bus. You are probably confusing it with AGP, which was, to the extent of my knowledge, used only for graphic card adapters. PCI-E is not like that. I have a TV-Tuner, 2 NICs and a soundcard comfortably sitting in PCI-E slots, plus aditional onboard devices that are PCI-E devices.

  5. does not work with w7 ultimate and p5q pro

  6. From ASUS Support for motherboard ASUS P5KPL-AM SE

    Check this:
    1. The power supply must be a standard ATX that provides at least 1A on the +5Vsb.
    2. BIOS: Advanced - Onboard Devices Configuration - On board LAN - Enable Onboard LAN Boot ROM -> [Enable]
    3. BIOS: Power - APM Configuration - Power On by PCIe Devices -> [Enable]
    3. Shut down Windows
    4. Send packet and wake on LAN to the right MAC address

    by McSty

    THANKS !!!

  8. grazie 1000

  9. Dammit. I did all of this and it still wont wake up my PC from Sleep or from Shutdown.
    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, but wasn't working on Windows XP either.
    Can anyone suggest something? My Power Supply is 450W, and I'm using app on my phone called "TouchRemote" to wake up my PC. Yes, my phone and PC are on the same network.

  10. Thx ... I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.
    My BIOS Settings are:
    enable PCIE to wake up -> enabled
    enable PCI to wake up -> disabled
    ACPI 2.0 -> enable (not sure whether this makes a difference though)
    Atheros LAN Boot ROM disabled

    My Win7 LAN device settings
    -> allow this device to wake up ... -> enabled
    -> allow only on Magic packet -> enabled

    Shutdown Wake Up -> enabled
    WakeUp capabilites -> Magic Packet

    I think the later 2 settings did the trick for me. Thx for posting this. Helped me a lot.

    CU Daniel

  11. Thanks guys I finally figured it out after giving up months ago and now I can wake my PC from by Droid and my tablet. I set up port forwarding on my router so I can wake from anywhere and start a Remote Desktop connection or stream my media.

  12. Hi,

    This helped me in using WOL in ASUS UL30A.
    In the BIOS enable LAN Boot ROM

    Shutdown Wake Up -> enabled
    WakeUp capabilites -> Magic Packet

    Power management -> Enable Wake Up

  13. Thank you very much. The information here helped me to fix my issue.

  14. what port does asus use?

  15. Thanks from NL! This post has helped me alot!

  16. One other thing I noticed is that WOL doesn't work if Asus MB is shutdown from EFI with onscreen POWER button (before even booting into Windows).
    Works fine if WOLing after proper Shutdown (S5) from Windows

  17. I have ux31a, it looks like my webcam is disable. I went to Bios: Advanced - but there is no "Onboard Devices Configuration" to enable the webcam, any suggestion.