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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Official Vistabulary

What is this page?

This page is dedicated to new words created with combination with the word VISTA that is the new Operating System by Microsoft. This page will be organized into a database later on.

I created this page so that credit can go to the creator of the word,
along with the original meaning attached to the word.

I am listed as K

Vistabulary (vocabulary for Vista words)

NoVistaWordCreator contributerDate Explanation
1First Vista word created:
K7/28/2006talking about vista = the science of the study of the OS
Trivia: apparently this word was not new since a site with that name already existed:
2VistaphileIntel Inside7/28/2006one having an affinity for or a strong attraction to Vista
K7/28/2006Is a sickness with nausea and upset stomach.
(also loss of hair and se**ual incompetence has been observed in some occasions) caused by the use of the unfriendly GUI of vista

Added: Cure for vistosis

Avoid Alpha and Beta radiation for as long as you can.

Take 2 XPills before bed,
and drink lots of OSX juice... (a glass of apple juice a day takes a doctor away).
Perhaps some poultry, from polar icy locations is better than red meat.

4VistaphobiaIntel Inside7/28/2006an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of Vista
5VistafiedJeff7/28/2006I've been Vistafied!! i.e what o.s are you using???
Are you dualbooting or what???

Response: Nope not dualbooting; I'm 100% Vistafied ;)
6vistaphiliaRoman Modic7/28/2006The realisation that the only reason to update to Office 2007 will be that Clippit has probably been put to rest.
K7/28/2006Comes from the word vestigial in biology

It means an operating system you have outgrown and you no longer need.
(rudimentary or degenerate)
8VistiriorK7/28/2006(meaning you feel your brain is inferior to an OS like Vista :-))
9VistaBabeK7/28/2006A nice looking girl who is wearing shinny plastic transparent bikini,
and wearing shiny black glasses, sitting in a lawn with tall grass...
Clear Blue sky over head....

opps im vistadreaming again!

10vistooglingK7/28/2006searching for things about vista on Google...

or using vista to search on Google

Ok that's enough vistafun & vistababling for now....
11VistakeGraham.7/28/2006The process of installing Vista beta without bothering to read anything
about it first, and then posting a zillion times asking how to uninstall it.
12VistarilRoman Modic7/28/2006Vistaril =
Hydroxyzine pamoate =
4- [ 2- (2-hydroxyethoxy) ethyl]
diethylenediamine salt of
1,1'- methylene bis
(2 hydroxy-3-naphthalene
carboxylic acid).

For symptomatic relief of anxiety and
tension associated with psychoneurosis
and as an adjunct in organic disease
states in which anxiety is manifested.

Side effects:
dry mouth, drowsiness, tremor and
convulsions, headache, hallucination
K7/28/2006Can be installed on vista and is compatible with glass aero...

can be used for hardware too... for example display adaptors that can work
with aero glass...

its vistable!

Is a gigantic number.

A googol is 10 in the power of 100 (thats a 1, with 100 zeros after it)
a googolplex is 10 in the power of a googol

a Vistillion dwarfs these numbers...

a Vistillion is a googolplex in the power of a googolplex, and is equal to the amount of RAM needed for vista to run smoothly (in megabytes).
15VistabularyK7/28/2006Created for this page. It means vocabulary with vista words.
16VistagistRoman Modic7/28/2006designer of Windows Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open)
17VistatizedPeter M7/28/2006You suddenly realize you've just spent the past hour staring at the glass borders.
18VistickyK7/28/2006Your computer that is running Vista is all sticky from accidentally poured beverage.
19Vinstainious BootK7/28/2006Instantaneous boot with the new flash ram technology
20VistabationPeter M 7/28/2006When... you need a girlfriend or a life.
21VistagraK7/28/2006A pill you will need if you find the above

Added by intel inside:

Vistagra - 'user interface' performance
enhancement. Even works in the bedroom (assuming you have a pc there)

22VistovationUthar the Useless7/28/2006Useless feature of windows vista, Microsoft thoughts as innovation
23VistinityK7/28/2006In close proximity (in the near vicinity) to a vista computer
24VistigoK7/28/2006Like Vertigo.. dizziness from too many hours in front of a vista computer.
25VistaoyuerK7/29/2006One who views his neighbors Vista through his telescope
26VistagasmPeter M 7/29/2006When you finally install Vista over Windows 95/98.
27BeestaK7/29/2006When your PC for no apparent reason starts to hum like a bee
28VisyphusAlan Simpson 7/29/2006Mythical character who spent eternity rolling a huge rock uphill in a vain
attempt to turn Vista into Windows XP.
29visanthropeAlan Simpson 7/29/2006One who hates or mistrusts Vista.
30VistinnabulationTom Delany 7/29/2006The ringing sound that you will hear from the help desk phone when all the
users finally get upgraded to Vista.
31VistagratePeter M 7/29/2006When your friends suck up to you just so you'll let them use your new Vista machine
32VistingyK7/29/2006When you are so stingy you want to pay as little as you can for a vista capable PC.
33VistacalifragilisticexpialidociousJane C 7/29/2006Latest hit by Mary Popup and the UACs.
(added by K: "the simplicity of vista")
34vistarrheafirth7/29/2006suffering from a watered down Vista experience. The only cure is the new build that will come out the following week.
35vistamateurGeorge7/29/2006A vista newbie
36vistanoidGeorge7/29/2006robot running vista
37vistallergyGeorge7/29/2006Allergy to Vista
38antiVistamineGeorge7/29/2006for those who are allergic to vista
39vistywareGeorge7/29/2006spyware for vista
40VistaBeastK7/29/2006A human Vista supporter who behaves like an brute and animal
41vistupermanGeorge7/29/2006super vista user
42vistupidGeorge7/29/2006cannot understand how vista works
43VistalgicK7/29/2006Someone who is used to having Vista on his pc
and now feels nostalgic.
44VistrologyGeorge7/29/2006predicting vista behavior
45VistoovieK7/29/2006a Newsgroup user who complains about too many posted vistawords
46VestartK7/29/2006When you have to restart
47VistuckGeorge7/29/2006When vista freezes
48VistyfreezeK7/29/2006When vista freezes synonymous to Vistuck
49Vistapple, Mistac, (mistake?) VistaMac, VistacGeorge7/29/2006

A Mac that can run Vista
50 VistokemonGeorge7/29/2006A Japanese version of vista
51vistanbulGeorge7/29/2006A vista Turkish language pack (mui)
52VistroBernie7/29/2006A Linux distribution with a similar look to Vista

Alan Simpson7/29/2006One who dissects Vista betas looking dubious maladies like "bloat".
54VistacideK7/29/2006Its a pesticide for bugs that are in Vista
55vistonedGeorge7/29/2006high on vista
56unvistevableGeorge7/29/2006when something odd happens on vista
57VooDooVistaK7/29/2006Having a 3D character resembling someone on your screen and torturing it.
58vistagandaGeorge7/29/2006Attempt to make everyone use vista
59VistorrentK7/29/2006Downloading Vista from Torrent
60Vystem VistoreK7/29/2006Using System restore on Vista
61Vinstant MessagingK7/29/2006Instant Messaging on Vista
62VistruggleK7/29/2006A struggle to install Vista on a computer
63vista morganaRoman Modic7/29/2006optical illusion of final version of Vista

fata morgana:
64ViseriousRay7/29/2006Doing something serious with Vista
65vistarionovichRoman Modic7/29/2006A dictator - a person who brutally forces other people to upgrade to Vista
66VistagueseK7/29/2006Portuguese Language pack for Vista
67VistiniumK7/29/2006The element 115 on the periodic table. This has been noted by Bob Lazar that this element is used by UFO's as their propulsion system. Unfortunately like vista crashes so did the Roswell UFO crash.
68AstaLaVista BabyK7/29/2006Saying farewell to vista & formatting your hard drive to install Linux
69Vistassic periodK7/29/2006It is similar to the Jurassic period of time when lizards grew to gigantic proportions to become Dinosaurs. Here Windows has grown to the same gigantic, slow and dumb proportions.
70VistafyK7/29/2006An effort to make other operating systems look like vista.
71VistifulBernie7/29/2006Full of longing or unfulfilled desire for what might have been.
72VistaByteK7/29/2006The amount of ram needed for vista to run smoothly equal to a vistillion MB. (see VistaWord number 14)
73ViFiJane C7/29/2006Wireless networking in Vista that refuses to be encrypted and gives limited or no connectivity.
74VistanyteK7/29/2006Meteors or rocks that are from the star Vistar that blew up, and are destructive to Vista PC's. (see Kryptonite)
Deebs7/29/20061 - verb
to walk through, roam, stroll or inspect on foot particular features or
a feature in Vista

2 - verb
to produce Vista ghosts, discharge Vista images from the image source
76VistaCratTechno-Crat7/29/2006One who totally enjoys the wealth of adventure and knowledge in Beta Testing
77VistaGo, VistaGoGo , VistaGoGoGodeebs7/29/2006These two words have the same ancestry: VistaGo

But whereas VistaGoGoGo is related to developers in making Vista (all or
in parts) available VistaGoGo is usually related to those downloading or
otherwise installing the parts (some or all) made available. These are
closely related terms.

Example #1:
Developer: VistaGoGoGo on build ABCD will be week commencing dd/mm

Recipient: VistaGoGo on date dd/mm

Example #2:
This is almost contrary to the definition where both developers and
users exclaim VistaGoGoGo once new or newer drivers are made available
or indeed custom and bespoke software is made available for all to use.

Developer and/or User: Wow today is a VistaGoGoGo day - new printer
drivers (**) are on the net

(** or indeed video card drivers or ... )
78VisasterTim_Mac7/29/2006how could you uninstall an operating system from within another operating system.

it could conceivably make sense if you were running vista encapsulated in a virtual PC, but even then it's still outside the domain of XP's installed programs list.
79VisatalityStooovie7/30/ what you lose after guessing when RC1 will get out of the door
80VistractionAlan Simpson 7/30/2006Leaving the NG to listen to naughty phone messages in response to spam posts.
81Vistaffeine, VistacafMario Rosario 7/31/2006Vistaffeine - He who enjoys Windows Vista installed on a laptop over a cup
of goumet coffee at Peet's or at Seattle's Best or at Starbuck's.

Vistacaf, for those who drink decaf.

Half-decaf, low foam, half milk, nonfat, tall mocca vistaffeine - Starbucks
customer empowered with Windows Vista.
82Darth VistadorK7/31/2006A fictional Character who wants to take over the galaxy by installing vista on all enemy starship computers so they can crash...
83VistuglyK7/31/2006How many people characterize the new vista "aero glass" GUI
84VistaBooBooK7/31/2006Doing a stupid mistake while using or installing Vista
85VistolineK7/31/2006Is the new lubrication substance for computer coolers and fans.
86VisteniacK7/31/2006A crazy old computer scientists dream of installing vista on a 50's Eniac computer
87VistozoaK7/31/2006Deadly microorganisms that can invade and kill silicon based artificial life forms & computers.
88VistagothTom Delany7/29/2006Germanic Linux supporters who attack Vista and the Microsoft empire in general in order to bring about its downfall in favor of Linux.
(Parody of Visigoth)
89VistiesPeter M7/29/2006Put on those Steve B. masks, it's convention time!
90VisgustedK7/31/2006Someone who is disgusted with vista!
91VistodonK7/31/2006Similar to a Mastodon, a prehistoric elephant-like animal. Big, slow and sluggish.
92VistographyBSB7/31/2006Vistography, (like pornography looking at things you can only have in your dreams) or ( like topography, trying to map out that which has never been explored)
93VistanixMario Rosario7/31/2006Vistanix, pronounced Vista nics, noun, those who ditched Windows Vista in preference of OS X, Linux or UNIX and its aliases.
94VistapleteBSB7/31/2006Like incomplete
96VistaplexiaBSB7/31/2006person who hates the overcomplex
97VistalationBSB7/31/2006(prefix)sexual, see the other bill (i did not have) or (those who seek gratification from viewing others computers running vista "titilation"
98VistagateBSB7/31/2006like stargate (too far into the future to be real) or (see richard nixon)
99Vistafying glassBSB7/31/2006visafying glass, looking through ones gives you the impression of a whole different universe in which reality is not as it seems.
100VistadvantageTravis King7/31/2006When a user gets warnings about Windows Genuine Advantage detecting their copy of Windows Vista as not being genuine regardless if the copy is genuine or not.
101Vistagloss (abbrev. visglos)Roy Coorne8/1/2006Vistagloss (abbrev. visglos): The (holy?) shining added to a PC
desktop with Aero Glass.
102Vistactivation K8/1/2006A common problem with Vista Betas:
From the vista newsgroup:
I accidentally let Vista run out of time to activate. So, whenever I boot it it pops up the activation window. Well, I can't click anything but the 'More
options...' button. Anything else freezes the window and nothing pops up.
This includes 'Activate Online Now' and 'Activate by Phone.'
This is actually a Vistactivation Vistyfreeze.
103VistometerJane C8/1/2006Utility for measuring the time/distance/relativity between releases of
104VistameterJane C8/1/2006Vistameter: utility for measuring Vista satisfaction level via electrical impulses from the user's brain.
Mario Rosario8/1/2006Pronounciation: visto-mA-nE-&
Function: noun.
Entymology: American slang, of geek origin from the Silicon Valley California.

1. excitement manifested by mental and physical hyperactivity towards Windows Vista.
2. excessive enthusiasm for Windows Vista.
Mario Rosario8/1/2006Pronounciation: Vista-'se-tik
Function: adjective
Entymology: American slang, of geek origin from the Silicon Valley California.
1. austere in appearance, having no aero glass tranparancy.
2. self-denial, system not capable of running any applications on Vista Operating System.
107VistacliqueMario Rosario8/1/2006Vista.general regulars (the newsgroup regulars)
108VistaplineColin Barnhorst8/1/2006(like discipline) Refraining from making up new vista words.
8/1/2006Pronounciation: Vista-gAt-s
Function: noun
Entymology: American slang, Vista jargon, of geek origin from the Silicon Valley California.

1. ancestor and forefather of Windows Vista. Bill Gates
8/1/2006Vistabeta, early days of Vista
111VistanderthalK8/3/2006Like Neanderthal: The first beta testers of vista
112VistontesaurousK8/3/2006The very early betas of vista
8/1/2006Pronounciation: Vista-wanna-bees
Function: noun
Entymology: American slang, Vista jargon, of geek origin from the Silicon Valley California.

1. Linux box
2. OS X
3. Solaris

Now defunct

4. OS2
5. Netware
6. Windows 3.1
7. Microsoft Bob
8/1/2006Pronounciation: Vist-adop-ter
Function: noun
Entymology: American slang, Vista jargon, of geek origin from the Silicon Valley California.

1. an early adopter of Windows Vista.

- Vistadopt / verb
- Vistadopters / plural
- Vistadoptable / adjective
115VistaSnitchChad Harris8/1/2006Pronounciation: Vista Snitch. Function: To be the US Government's Puppy Dog and Lie to Customers about turning over customer data and their MSN searches on the heels of having WGA
function as spyware to transmit info to Redmond
Entymology: Social Clubs in New Jersey; adaptation in Seattle Starbucks' "like Vista Snitch with Valley Girl lilt regardless of gender"

1. A wussy that has a ton of security blogs proclaiming "we would always be transparent about turning over anything to gov or having backdoors."

Example of Disingenuous Hypocritical Posture from Vista Snitchers:
116VistopiaRoman Mordic8/1/20061. State in which the condition of operating system is extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror
2. A work of fiction describing an imaginary place where operating system is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror

definition 3. (added by Bernie) That operating system that would be supplied by the state if only state developers were allowed to supply operating systems. It would look like DOS and would be supported by only the most intolerant Linux users.
117vistaismRoman Mordic8/1/2006Worship of Vista, one of the 3 chief gods (windows, office, exchange) of the Microsoft pantheon
118VistathreadRoman Mordic8/1/2006Vista Thread (in newsgroup discussions)
119VistaDrinkRoman Mordic8/1/2006
Special-edition cans of Talking Rain sparkling water, sporting the logo for the upcoming operating system
120VistorcismRaven Mill8/2/2006vist`or`cism
Function: noun
1: The act or practice of uninstalling MS Windows Vista.
2: Formatting the partition where an instance of MS Windows Vista exists
121VistaMarinkTechno Crat8/2/2006Unseen Vista speech to text preview that worked that the Press missed

This was done in a MS daycare on campus
122Vistiagra (also see "vistagra", vistaword 21)Lang Murphy8/2/2006Drug needed to get Vista up and running...

123LevistraChad Harris8/2/2006Drug that can get Vista up and running in as little as 16 minutes in multicenterd trials compared to 30-60 for Vistiagra depending upon a number of factors.

Levistra comes in 3 different dosages which allows you to titrate and tailor the getting Vista up to your needs.

Levistra can be taken with food; Vistiagra should be taken on "empty stomach."

Levistra keeps Vista up longer than Vistiagra because it works up to 6 hours. Vistiagra works from 3 -6 hours in large studies.

Vistiagra has among its side effects a unique one of bluish vision. Seeing blue in 3% of people who take it, is caused by blockage of an enzyme in the
retina. This same enzyme is blocked in another location often thought of with Vistiagra which is the main mechanism for getting ole Vista up.

Vistiagra can cause anterior ischemic neuropathy (NAION) in a component of people who have other arterial blockages.
Vistiagra March '98; Levistra April '03

Added by Mario Rosario: Levistra: Vista in Blue jeans
124VistabuleDot Nettie8/2/2006Where I hide when I get BSOD's
125VistaAOLGray8/2/2006Another weak attempt at making an ISP.
126VistalooLang Murphy8/3/20061. Curried dish that pops up a UAC dlg that says "Are you sure you want it this hot?"

2. Last great battle of the OS wars.

3. Pop song by group AbbaDabbaDoo - "Vistaloo, when you gonna make it to RTM?"
127VistesterDan Brown8/3/2006so would a person in the preview program be a VISTESTER or would that just be a VISTAVIEW
128VistaHeadK8/3/2006When you have a one track mind on Vista :-)
129VistinuxK8/3/2006After Vista Flops, Microsoft will decide to make a New OS based on UNIX.
130VistaBallK8/3/2006A new sport that is based on a group of people running after & trying to kick with vengeance a ball that internally has a small computer with vista installed on it.
The goal of the game is to get the computer running.
The players wear boots in order to boot the computer.

Other Interesting comments

Martin Luther King: I have a Vista...
(Having a view is like having a dream)

Neil Armstrong: Its a small step for man, but a giant Vista for mankind.
(I bet he had a great view up there)

Bill Gates mimicking JFK's moon speech:
"No single computer project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of technology; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish,"
(difficult & expensive? You can say that again!)

Mr Spock: Vistanating (meaning that it is fascinating that this bloated technology works)
Live Long and Vista: (this is not a blessing like "live long and prosper". This is a curse.. meaning you will live forever in hell.

Yoda: May the Vista be with you! (He is actually trying to get rid of vista so its better with you than with me!)


(Shakespeare Parody -- from Intel Inside)


"To beta, or not to beta: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of Releasing To Manufacturing,
Or to take arms against a sea of bugs,
And by opposing end them? To TBT: to CPP;
No more; and, by CPP to say we end
The heartache and the thousand natural shocks
That Vista is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wished."

Bill Gates, "Hamlet" (1600-01)


Queens Bohemian Rhapsody song Parody - From K


Whoever doesn't know this song.. is VERY young.. lol here it is in MIDI ( Yeah, I know-I know..
terrible sound)


Is this the real life?
Is this just final fantasy?
Caught in a spam scam
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look into your files and C#
I'm just a poor boy, I need no TFT
Because I'm easy come, easy go
Bandwidth high or a little low
Anyways windows blows, doesn't really matter to me, windows Me

Mama, just PLONKED a man
Put a RULE against his head
Pushed my mouse button, now he's dead
Mama, Vista had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown it all away

Mama, ooo
Didn't mean to make your CPU fry
If I'm not back online again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

Too late, my netcard time is done
Sends shivers down my cable line
Back is aching all the time

Goodbye everybody - I've got to go offline
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, ooo - (anyways windows blows)
I don't want my connection to die
I sometimes wish I'd never been online at all........

I see a little icon of a man
Microsoft, Microsoft will you do the fandango?
Electric bolts are lighting - very very frightening me
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo Figaro - magnifico

But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves WinMe
He's just a poor boy from a poor network neighborhood
Spare him his drive from this monstrosity*
Easy come easy go - will you let me go
Bill is blah! No - we will not let you go - let him go
Bill is blah! We will not let you go - let him go
Bill is blah! We will not let you go - let me go
Will not let you go - let me go (never)
Never let you go - let me go
Never let me go - ooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no -
Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
Microsoft has a devil put aside for me
for me
for me

So you think you can reboot me and format my drive?
So you think you can love me & post my pic online?
Oh baby - can't blog like this baby
Just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
We are just formaters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me

Anyways windows blows...

*Monstrosity = He is referring to windows VISTA

eXTReMe Tracker

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ending the Fight between linux and windows users FOREVER!

Why fight when you can have BOTH running SEAMLESSLY on the same desktop???
HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE you may ask?????

Well it is using various techniques... YES this is a geeks dream, to have ultimate flexibility and use whatever OS he wants at the SAME time!

1st method: Get ANDLINUX read that site to get a drift of what this is and see

a screencap that is worth 1000 words:

Linux and windows apps running side by side!

2nd method: Install KDE 4.0 for WINDOWS.. YES believe it or not, the NEW KDE 4.0 runs NATIVELY on windows... all you have to do is install the KDE apps and that's it!

See Links:

Good Guide with screenshots

General Info

Download KDE 4 for windows:   (warning beta still)

3rth Method: VirtualBox Seamless mode!

Yes virtual box is an open source virtual machine with something extra! When installed on a Linux platform

you can run a windows virtual machine SEAMLESSLY (with 2 taskbars one for linux and one for windows WOW!) on the linux desktop and have all apps on the same desktop!

Of course this means you will have Linux as your base OS and install Windows inside the virtual machine.

More info

see image


I hope I have been able to intrigue you all a bit... and let me say something more here.

Its not about what OS is best. If you really like computers you should like all kinds of operating systems and computers

as long as they are good. I personally use everything I can get my hands on, and that gives me universal understanding

about the nature of computers. So basically there is no real debate. Its all up to YOU. What can YOU do better given

all the technology available? That's the question you must ask yourself.... and use everything that is in your disposal.