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Monday, April 20, 2009

HOWTO: Connect a Tubo-X Plaisio, UPS 1000-SD with Upsilon 2000 on Windows Vista


I recently bought this UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to protect my main workstation from power outages. However the way to set this up was not very apparent. I wanted to connect the USB cable so that when the power fails, the computer would shut itself off…

First of all when I pluged in the USB port, Vista (this was the same in XP too) auto detected a

Human Interface Device (HID) device, which was strange, since this is usually for MICE AND KEYBOARDS. So originally I thought there was some mistake in the drivers.. but this was NOT the case.. after googling a bit I found out that all UPS devices (usb) are detected as HID devices!


I then installed the software but it kept saying that the UPS was not detected. The final solution was simple.. but i stumbled upon it later. I had to select MEGA USB from the drop down selection as seen in the following screenshot:



Thats it, comments are welcome:


  1. Continue this blog please.

  2. File den mporeis na fantasteis poses ores espasa to kefali mou kai pali lusi den vrika...mexri pou epesa edo pano telios tuxaia.Na sai kala pragmatika m eftiakses.

  3. solved my issues instantly, thanks

  4. Hi

    I have a UPS which looks exactly like Turbo-X version except it is silver and doesn't say Turbo-X but I cant get software to work. I have a copy of UPSilon which says its communicating with the UPS but it doesn't display and stats. Maybe I have round version or something? Can someone point me to working version of the software? Please help...

    Thanks in advance