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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Solved: Only device font are available in word and publisher office!!!



I have Windows XP and just installed Windows 2003 Office Suite; when I try
to change font in any app - Word or Publisher or Excel, it lists only Device
Font in three sizes. But when I go to control panel -> appearance and
themes -> fonts, I see a long list. how can I attach these to Word ++


Answer :

You need to install a printer driver other than a Generic/Text only printer
driver and make it default, or if you already have another one make sure another one is default by right clicking on its icon in control panel/ printers and select it to be the default.  Note you do not need a physical printer attached in order to install
a printer driver. However if you will be printing the documents on a
specific printer, install a driver for it so the document layout and such
will look the same when you do print it.


  1. Thank you very much! Worked like a charm...

  2. This answer still works today. Fantastic!

  3. I had added a Zebra label printer, and it seriously screwed me up (only fonts available were the device fonts). I just changed my default back to the other printer, and it fixed it! THANK YOU!