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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finding drivers for the notebook MSI A5000-026US and A6000-029US


I dont know why these companies do this, but it seems that their goal is to make it difficult as possible to find support for their products…

after digging on google for a while here are some links I found

It seems that MSI renames their products (like many other companies do) according to the country its sold at… the machine is exactly the same, they just go ahead and change the name. This is unbelievable….

Here is the link to the Product page.
MSI Product Number: 9S7-168324-029

Clicking on the DRIVER link rolls you over to the CR600 page as noted by Stu above:
Link #1 Europe (eu.msi)


Thread on SlickDeals which has alot of info on A5000-025US
(Note there are sister threads on the A5000-026US version (Same as A5000-025US) and A6000-029US that might prove useful.)

Touch Pad sticky by Stu:

A6000 /A5000, CR600, MSI 1683 barebones /whitebook Assemble Guide and Video Guides


see also this link for the A5000-025US that when you click on the drivers link it sends us to the cr600 page


this is totally insane…. if techs are having problem locating the drivers, i can imagine what the simple users are going through.

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