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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Built in goodies!!! > Burn a Disc Image from an ISO or IMG file in Windows 7 !

Burn a Disc Image from an ISO or IMG file in Windows 7 with no extra software needed!

Windows 7 introduces a built-in ability to burn discs directly from ISO and IMG files (this used to require a third-party tool). To burn a disc using an ISO or IMG file, simply do the following:

  • Place a blank unformatted CD or DVD into your CD/DVD drive.
  • Right click on the ISO or IMG file you want to use to burn a disc.
  • Click Burn disc image.
  • Next to Disc burner, click on the drop down arrow and select the CD/DVD drive with the blank disc you want to burn to.
  • Check the Verify disc after burning option if you want Windows to verify the disc image after burning the disc. Leave this option unchecked if you want to skip the verification. Note that you should skip verification if you are in a hurry, as this process requires additional time.
  • When it finishes burning the disc image to disc, click the Close button.

The DVD (or CD) is now ready to be used without your ever having to find, install, and use a third-party tool.


Ubuntu Linux 10.4 LTS was just released!


The latest version of Ubuntu is out! 10.4 LTS (LTS means long term support)

Download it from here


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an operating system built by a worldwide team of expert developers. It contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and much more.

Ubuntu is an open-source alternative to Windows and Office.


Granola Scales Your CPU for Energy Savings


If you have a netbook or notebook that is hot or if you want to extend its battery life.. you can do this PLUS use less energy. I tested this myself on a netbook and it good cooler to the touch.. then I went ahead and installed it on my desktop. It told me I had to enable a setting in the bios (intel speedstep) so i did, and then it worked on my desktop as well….

Granola Scales Your CPU for Energy SavingsGranola Scales Your CPU for Energy Savings



Your computer's processor may be able to handle 3D shooters and complex rendering, but most of the time, you probably just need it to render Gmail. System utility Granola scales back your processor at such times to save energy and money.

Like any modern energy-saving utility, Granola offers both to-date cumulative stats on how much energy, money, and CO2 it's saved, and how much you can expect to save over a year's time, given current computer conditions. It needs a processor that's capable of scaling, along with that option to be enabled in the BIOS settings. What kind of savings should the average user expect? From Granola's FAQ page:

If you mostly surf the Internet and check email, the savings will be substantial and probably 30% or more. If you are playing the latest intensive graphic game without a high-end graphics card, the savings will probably be less; perhaps as low as 10%. But most likely, your system has many uses and the load varies with time. Our users typically experience savings of around 25%.


Granola [via #tips]

Friday, April 23, 2010

RoboForm addon extension for Google Chrome Browser!


If you have been using Firefox or Internet explorer with the fantastic password manager ROBOFORM , good news is here. Now you can use roboform with the new Chrome Browser from GOOGLE!

RoboForm for Chrome comes in two incarnations:
* RoboForm Online 1-button extension,
* Full RoboForm toolbar, see bottom of this page.

Updated April 14, 2010

Chrome 1-button Extension

RoboForm extension works on Chrome ver 4 or later.

Download RoboForm from Chrome Extension Site:

You can also get it directly from our site:

Overview. RoboForm Extension is one button next to Address bar.
Click it, enter your RoboForm Online userid and password.

RoboForm Online. RoboForm Chrome extension stores Passcards (saved logins) on RoboForm Online server at
RoboForm Online UserID and Password allow you to gain access to your passcards stored on this server. You get these credentials when you create RoboForm Online account. These credentials is something you must memorize, so that you can access your passcards from any computer by providing these credentials.

Logins menu. You see list of Logins (Passcards).
Select one and RoboForm logs you into this online account.

Matching Passcards. RoboForm also shows passcards that match the web site you are browsing. Select one, click Fill Forms and forms will be filled from the selected passcard.

AutoSave. Login info for new sites (not previously saved by RoboForm) is saved automatically. RoboForm toolbar appears at the bottom of the window, you enter Passcards name and confirm saving of login info.

Master Password. Passcard is an encrypted file that contains login info for one web account. We use Master Password as a key to encrypt Passcards stored on server. Master Password is not stored on server, only you know it, so your data is secure. You will be asked to create Master Password when you use RoboForm for the first time.

For Existing RoboForm Users.
RoboForm Online for Chrome ver 2.0 faithfully reproduces most RoboForm functions:
- It can do one-click login.
- It shows Matching Passcards.
- It auto-saves new login info when you submit it, see lower toolbar.
- You can view a passcard contents: click "..." or right click passcard in the list.

You must Sync your passcards to RoboForm Online server, before you can see them in RoboForm Chrome extension. To sync passcards click the Sync button in RoboForm toolbar. In addition to providing passcards to Chrome extension, RoboForm Online server is used by RoboForm client to synchronize passcards and other RoboForm files between your computers.

Latest News.
- Version 2.1.6 released on Mar 22, 2010 adds Identity viewer and improves context menus.
- Version 2.1.3 released on Mar 12, 2010 adds Search box to Logins menu and Options dialog.
- Version 2.1.1 released on Mar 9, 2010 fixes Master Password caching problem.
- Version 2.1.1 moves AutoSave toolbar to the top of browser window.
- Ver 2.1.0 is brand new release of the extension that implements one click Login and AutoSave.

You should have cookies enabled for RoboForm extension to work.
You can enable them in Wrench button -> Options -> "Under the Hood" tab -> Privacy : "Cookie settings...".

RoboForm for Chromium

RoboForm for Chrome

RoboForm Toolbar for Chrome (Alpha)

RoboForm now works with Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Chrome Adapter is required for RoboForm to integrate into Chrome.

Complete RoboForm functionlaity is available in Chrome.

Current version of Chrome Adapter is


  1. Install RoboForm version 6.9.99 or later from Downloads page
  2. Install the RoboForm for Chrome Adapter from Chrome browser: roboform-chrome.crx.

Of Notice.

  • The RoboForm toolbar will only attach to the bottom of the browser.
  • If you closed the Roboform toolbar, right-click RoboForm systray icon and select Show Toolbar.


This is an alpha version created for testing and feedback purposes. We encourage you to send us any comments/bug reports via our online support system. Check this page often as we are actively developing and will release updates frequently.

If you use REMOTE desktop on windows then get this update to version 7.0 (for vista and xp)


If you have vista or xp you can upgrade to the latest remote desktop client, 7.0. If you have windows 7 you dont need this update since it already has the latest version preinstalled.

The best improvements is that you can watch better video (yes even HD!), have bi-directional audio and multiple monitor support!


Download it here

For vista 32 bit:

For vista 64 bit:

For windows XP 32 bit:

Before update (windows XP)


After Update (windows XP)

after update


New features in the RDC 7.0 client update
The RDC 7.0 client update contains the following new features.
Web Single Sign-On (SSO) and Web forms-based authentication
Remote Desktop (RD) Web Access now uses forms-based authentication to improve the user experience. Web SSO makes sure that after a user is logged on, no additional passwords are required for RD Gateway, RD Session Host servers and RemoteApp programs.
For security, Web SSO requires remote applications to be signed using a certificate from a trusted issuer.
Access to personal virtual desktops by using RD Connection Broker
Users can access personal virtual desktops when they use the new Remote Desktop Virtualization Host in Windows Server 2008 R2. Personal desktops are assigned to users on a one-to-one basis and maintain state over time.
Access to virtual desktop pools by using RD Connection Broker
Users can access virtual desktop pools when they use the new Remote Desktop Virtualization Host in Windows Server 2008 R2. Pooled desktops are shared between multiple users, and all changes a user makes are typically rolled back when the user logs off.
Status & disconnect system tray icon
A single system tray icon enables users to see all of their remote connections. The user can disconnect all or individual connections that use this icon. The icon appears only when opening RDP connections which are associated with a RemoteApp and Desktop Connection feed.
RD Gateway-based device redirection enforcement
In Windows Server 2008, it was possible for non-Microsoft Remote Desktop clients to override the gateway device redirection controls. In Windows Server 2008 R2, device redirection settings are defined in RD Gateway and can be configured not to be overridden.
RD Gateway system and logon messages
System and logon messages can be added to RD Gateway and displayed to the remote desktop user. System messages can be used to inform users of server maintenance issues such as shutdowns and restarts. Logon messages can be used to display a logon notice to users before they gain access to remote resources.
RD Gateway background authorization & authentication
Background authentication and authorization requests are performed after a configured session timeout is reached. Sessions for users whose property information has not changed are not affected, and authentication and authorization requests are sent in the background.
RD Gateway idle & session time-outs
Configurable idle and session time-outs with RD Gateway provide better control of users who connect through RD Gateway. An idle time-out lets the user reclaim resources that are used by inactive user sessions without affecting the user's session or data. This helps free up resources on the RD Gateway server.
NAP remediation with RD Gateway
NAP remediation allows you to manage remote clients by updating them with the latest software updates and settings. This helps keep remote clients in compliance with network security policies.
Windows Media Player redirection
Windows Media Player Redirection enables content hosted in Windows Media Player to be redirected to the client for decoding on users’ computers. This improves the quality of the video and makes sure that video and audio are always in sync. This works for both full Windows Media Player and Windows Media Player controls hosted in Web pages.
Bidirectional audio
You can redirect audio recording devices such as microphones on the client computer. This is ideal for applications such as Windows 7 voice recognition, and applications that record audio.
Multiple monitor support
In Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008, Terminal Services supported only monitor spanning. Remote Desktop Services now includes multiple monitor support for up to 16 monitors, and works for both Remote Desktop and RemoteApp programs.
Note For connections with multiple monitor support enabled, AeroGlass support is currently not supported and will be turned off.
Enhanced video playback
Bitmap acceleration improves the remote display of graphics-intensive applications such as PowerPoint, Flash, and Silverlight.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Virus that steals bank information is on the rise


The BBC is reporting that Zues, a virus that steals your online bank account information is on the rise. Trusteer says of the 5.5 million computers that they monitor, one in 3,000 is infected with the Zues virus.

Zues 1.6 can infect users using both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Once infected the virus records your keystrokes when logging into your bank's website. The data is then sent to a remote server where it is used or sold by the cyber gang.

"We expect this new version of Zeus to significantly increase fraud losses, since nearly 30% of internet users bank online with Firefox and the infection is growing faster than we have ever seen before," said Amit Klein, chief technology officer at Trusteer.

In March 2010, parts of the primary control center for the Zeus botnet were taken offline when the Kazakhstani ISP that was being used to administer it was cut off. Unfortunately, though, it is back on the rise as the hackers have started to expand their botnet.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gmail Adds Drag-and-Drop Attachment Uploads


Gmail Adds Drag-and-Drop Attachment Uploads,
 Deeper Calendar IntegrationStarting today, Google Chrome and Firefox 3.6 users can drag and drop attachments into Gmail messages without hassling through the slow, kind of annoying manual file upload. Gmail has also increased their support for Google Calendar with a new Invitation feature.

Drag-and-drop support allows you to simply attach a file into Gmail composition window by dragging the file from an open window into it. There's not much to it beyond that, but it's an incredibly handy feature to have.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Google Docs getting major update

Below are some of the changes that have been made. The new features and improved performance come at the request of users worldwide.

Document editor

  • Real-time editing - see character by character changes made by all collaborators
  • Sidebar chat
  • Improved document formatting - imports and exports stay formatted correctly
  • Revamped comment system
  • Real margins and tab stops
  • Improved image layout inside documents

Spreadsheet editor

  • Speed and performance improvements
  • Formula bar for cell editing
  • Auto-complete
  • Drag and drop columns
  • Simpler navigation between sheets

Drawings editor

  • Real-time collaboration on flow charts, designs, diagrams, and other business graphics
  • Copy drawings into documents and spreadsheets using web clipboard
  • Share and publish drawings

Google says that the drawings editor will be available today. Previews of the new spreadsheets and documents editors will be made public over the next few days. There will be an option at the top of a document or spreadsheet to use "New Version."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Miro Video Converter Easily Converts Video for Your Android, PSP, or Apple Device

Miro Video Converter 
Easily Converts Video for Your Android, PSP, or Apple DeviceMiro Video Converter Easily Converts Video 
for Your Android, PSP, or Apple DeviceWindows and Mac: Miro Video Converter quickly and easily converts video on-the-fly for popular devices, with presets for your PSP, Android phone, or Apple device.

The program has presets for a variety of formats and devices, such as the Motorola Droid, Google Nexus One, PSP, iPhone and a variety of iPods. It also supports MP4 and Ogg Theora conversion. To use it, just drag and drop a video you want to convert into the app, select your preset, and let the program work its magic, converting your file so you can easily add it to your portable device. The file is saved in the same folder as the video source. It has an easy and intuitive interface, and accomplishes in taking the hassle out of converting video. Miro Video Converter is a free utility for Windows and Mac from the same developers who created the open-source internet video player, Miro.

Miro Video Converter [via Addictive Tips]

Solution: Avast 5 installation giving error side by side configuration is incorrect


Problem: Avast install giving an error side by side configuration is incorrect, this was on a Vista machine.

Solution: My solution was to uninstall avast 5, then restart the computer. Then I downloaded the Download the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package from Microsoft

from here for 32 bit windows

or for 64 bit windows…


Then I reinstalled avast 5.x  and it worked!

Here is some additional info I found online:


1. Download the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package from Microsoft at
2. Attempt to execute it. It should extract the files and install it.
3. Now try to start Avast. If it doesn't work and you get the side by side error, continue.
4. Create a folder called "ms" (without the quotes) on your root directory of your hard drive ex. c:\ms
5. Copy the file you downloaded into that directory
6. Go to the command line with administrator privileges.
6a. If you don't know how to do it, go to All Programs > Accessories. Find Command Prompt. Hover over it. Right click and click on "Run as administrator".
7. Type the following and press enter: cd \ms
8. Type the following and press enter: vcredist_x86.exe -x
9. It will ask you for a directory to save extracted files. Type in c:\ms\extract and click OK.
10. Files will be extracted. Close the command prompt window.
11. Using file explorer go to c:\ms\extract
12. Double click on vc_red.msi (if you have extensions hidden, execute the vc_red that has a type "Windows Installer Package").
13. Installer package will install.
14. Delete c:\ms as you will no longer need it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Windows 7 RTM Upgrade Advisor Release Now Live!

Windows 7
has managed to change the trend for upgrading to a new Windows client. According to a survey performed by Forrester Research, 43% of 450 US online computer users revealed that they had upgraded to Windows 7 while keeping their old PC. In this context, the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is an invaluable tool for customers. Offered free of charge via the Microsoft Download Center, the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor enables users to easily assess their existing computers and see whether they can run the latest iteration of the Windows client.

“The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC for potential compatibility issues and lets you know about your Windows 7 upgrade options. Within minutes, you'll get a report that tells you if your PC meets the system requirements, if any known compatibility issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs are found, and gives guidance on what to do to before installing Windows 7 on your PC,” the company noted.

At the end of March 2010, a new release of the tool went live and is currently up for grabs from Microsoft. Buying a new PC preinstalled with Windows 7 comes with the guarantee that the OEM has made sure that the OS is a perfect fit for the machine. When it comes down to upgrading older PCs, the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will help end users fend for themselves with little help from a professional.
The Advisor runs on both Windows Vista and Windows XP, but will also evaluate PCs running Windows 7 editions to see whether users can upgrade to a better SKU of the OS.
“Before you begin, be sure to plug in and turn on any USB devices or other devices, such as printers, external hard disks, and scanners, that you regularly use with the PC you're checking,” Microsoft advised.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is available for download here.

DamnVid is a cross-platform application to download and convert videos WHILE YOU ARE DOWNLOADING THEM!

DamnVid is a cross-platform application to download and convert videos from your hard drive or from dozens of video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe, etc. Basically, it's a video downloader and converter that sucks less.

What is DamnVid?

What isn't DamnVid?



Friday, April 2, 2010

New Windows 7 RTM Discounts for Windows Anytime Upgrades

Come next week, Microsoft and its retail partners will kick-start new Windows 7 RTM special offerings, both in the US and internationally. The Redmond company has yet to announce the specific markets around the world in which the fresh deals will be available, but, judging by the software giant’s past marketing pushes, users in North America and select European countries should be able to take advantage of the discounts planned. The latest round of special deals is offered to users that have already acquired Windows 7, but want to upgrade to an edition superior to the one they are currently running. This can be done through Windows Anytime Upgrades.

“In the U.S.: Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium ERP $49.99 (versus everyday price of $79.99) and Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional ERP $79.99 (versus everyday price of $89.99),” Brandon LeBlanc, Windows communications manager on the Windows Client Communications Team, revealed. “Many of our retailer partners are taking advantage of Windows Anytime Upgrade with a brand new offer that will start next week. Beginning April 4th at participating retailers, people who buy a new PC will have an opportunity to add Windows Anytime Upgrade to their purchase at a special low price.”
Customers currently running Windows 7 and that want to jump from the Starter to the Home Premium SKU, or from Home Premium to the Professional edition, will only be able to do so via the new, special deals for a limited period of time. According to the Redmond company, the special offerings will last only three months in the United States.
“This offer will be available at participating retailers and for a limited time only, (in the U.S. this offer will end July 3rd). Details vary by retailer and geography – so check with your local retailers to see which PCs they are offering. Participating retailers also choose which Windows Anytime Upgrade path to offer. Some may offer Windows Anytime Upgrade for going from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium, while others may offer Windows Anytime Upgrade for going from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional, or they may offer both,” LeBlanc added.

Before you buy: 12 things to know about the iPad

(CNN) -- You've seen the television commercials and the product reviews.

But maybe, like many gadget lovers, you're still debating whether you really need this new touch-screen computer from Apple.

To help you make sense of the hype, here are answers to 12 common questions about the iPad, Apple's much-anticipated "slate" computer, which goes on sale Saturday.

Buying an iPad? What will you do with it?

Is there anything else you'd like to know? If so, please post in the comments section below and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

1. How is the iPad different from a laptop?

The word "laptop" is getting somewhat brushed aside for a truckload of new, confusing categories.

The Apple iPad falls into the slate (some people say tablet) category of portable personal computers, because, unlike a laptop, it doesn't have a hardware keyboard.

Another key difference: To type and to navigate through files and photos on the iPad, you touch its screen in the same way you operate an iPhone or iPod Touch. That's possible on some laptop models, but not many.

2. How is the iPad different from e-readers like the Kindle?

Reading digital books on "e-readers" like the Amazon Kindle is becoming increasingly popular. The iPad acts like an e-reader and like a personal computer, but there are some notable differences between the two.

For one, the iPad has a color display. The Kindle, by contrast, is only black-and-white. Some people think the iPad, partly for this reason, will be popular with students who read textbooks with colorful diagrams. Others say the Kindle's screen, which isn't backlit, will be easier on the eyes over long periods.

Video: Demoing an iPad

Make a computer decide

If you're still unsure about whether or not you should get an Apple iPad, you may want to check out this quiz from the Web site Hunch.
It takes you through a series of questions about your gadget preferences and then decides for you.

There's an aesthetic difference, too: The iPad will display books horizontally, with two pages showing, or vertically, zooming in on a single page of text. The Kindle only works in vertical mode.

Perhaps more importantly, the devices access books from different online bookstores. iPad users buy books from Apple's new digital bookstore, called the iBookstore, which supports an open e-book format called ePub. Kindle users must buy their books from

3. How much does the iPad cost?

Prices range from $499 to $829. The more expensive versions have more storage space, which means you can put more music and videos on the device.

iPads that connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi only are less expensive than those that can connect through Wi-Fi and through AT&T's mobile Internet network.

4. Do you have to sign-up for an AT&T contract when you buy the iPad?

You don't have to buy an AT&T mobile Internet contract to purchase the iPad.

If you buy a Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad and have a Wi-Fi connection at home, or you want to use the iPad primarily at coffee shops or public places that have wireless Internet connections, then you probably won't have to deal with AT&T at all.

Pricier versions of the iPad are able to connect to AT&T's mobile 3G network, allowing them to browse the Web from many more locations.

Surprisingly, you don't need a contract with AT&T to use this service, either.

Users can pay by the month and cancel at any time without penalty, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said at the iPad unveiling. The unlimited data plan with AT&T costs $29.99 per month.

The Wi-Fi-enabled iPads go on sale on Saturday. The AT&T-enabled iPads will ship in late April, according to the online Apple store.

5. If there's no keyboard, how do you type on the iPad?

Instead of being a piece of plastic with physical keys, the iPad's keyboard is a graphic that pops up on the device's touch-sensitive screen -- an interface that will be familiar to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

iPad users type by touching pictures of keys on the screen. The iPad keyboard is about the same size as the one on your desk, but you can't feel the keys.

When he unveiled the device in January, Jobs said the iPad is "a dream to type on." But some bloggers, including this writer, have complained that the iPad's touch-screen keyboard is difficult to use.

6. What does the iPad do best?

The iPad is designed for consuming various types of media -- reading books, browsing the Web and watching videos, in particular.

It's also marketed as a portable gaming device, and there are hundreds of games for sale in the iPad App Store.

The device doesn't have a DVD player, but you can download videos from Apple, or stream them from the Web.

The iPad is best suited for people who would, say, want to read their e-mail, but wouldn't have to compose lengthy responses.

It's better for a blog reader than a blog writer.

7. Can you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with the iPad?

Apple created a new suite of "apps" specifically for the iPad. These iWork programs, which cost $9.99 each, let users create documents, edit spreadsheets and create business presentations from the iPad.

It's unclear how easy these programs will be to use. Some reviewers say it's easy enough to compose business documents on the iPad. Others say serious users will need another computer to be productive.

The iPad has a Wi-Fi connection, which, in theory, could be used for printing documents wirelessly through your printer. There is some debate online about what apps will perform this function.

8. Can you view any Web site on the iPad?

A certain format of online video, called Flash, does not play on the Apple iPad.

While there are some workarounds for this, many Web sites are redesigning themselves, using a type of code called HTML5, so they will work on the iPad.

That code allows video display on the device, but you may notice some sites will have holes because the iPad doesn't support Flash video.

9. Will the iPad replace my current computer? Or do you need both?

Some technology writers and critics say the iPad is an all-in-one machine. Others argue that it's more of a portable accessory, and that most computer users need a desktop or laptop computer in addition to an iPad.

What works for you really depends on what you use your computers for. If you spend a lot of time typing or creating things with your computer, it may be easier to use a laptop. If you just want to surf the Web, read books, play games, watch movies or send an occasional short e-mail, the iPad might work.

Apple and others sell keyboards that can be attached to the device in case you need to write a longer e-mail and don't want to fiddle with the touch-screen keyboard.

10. Is the iPad lighter and smaller than other laptops or e-readers?

The iPad will be about a half-inch thick and weigh about 1½ pounds.

Its screen is 9.7 inches across, when measured diagonally.

That's smaller and lighter than some laptops. A 10-inch netbook from Dell is similar in size but weighs about a pound more.

Amazon's Kindle DX is slimmer than the iPad, at only a third of an inch thick, and it weighs slightly less: 1.2 pounds, according to Amazon.

Its screen is the same size as the iPad's, but it doesn't display color.

11. Can you subscribe to newspapers and magazines on the iPad?

Some magazines and newspapers have said they hope the iPad will help save their struggling industries. A number of them have reformatted their publications for the iPad's screen and are offering new digital subscription plans.

The Wall Street Journal, for example, will charge $17.99 per month for an iPad subscription to its newspaper.

12. Are there iPad alternatives?

Apple is not the only computer maker offering a slate device. Some are on the market now and others will come out soon.

HP briefly showed off its slate computer before an audience at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Dell has announced plans to make a personal computer in the slate category.

Viliv and Asus have tablets on the market, too.