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Saturday, August 28, 2010

HOW TO FIX: Installing XP: STOP: 0x0000007B


If you see this message when trying to install XP on your computer, it can mean several things.. but the first thing that comes into mind is that you are trying to install XP on a computer that has a SATA hard disk, and XP does not recognize the controller that’s on your motherboard.

If you have not changed anything and you are using the same cdrom as you always have, see this microsoft article for more information, your hard disk may have a problem or virus:

Below however is a much more common reason for the STOP: 0x0000007B error

You may remember using another XP cdrom disk fine, like one from DELL. If you used one from Dell before and you are using a different one now, the explanation is simple: Dell makes sure that they include the SATA drivers for your motherboard inside the XP cdrom…. while if you buy a new one, it does not have those drivers.

There is a setting usually to make the bios work in ATA compatibility mode, instead of SATA, this differs depending on which bios you have so I cannot give an example that will cover everyone but here is one I found in a forum:

1. On start up (Dell logo), press F2 to enter BIOS
2. Expand the "Drives" section
3. Go to "SATA Operation"
4. Change this from "RAID Auto/AHCI" to "RAID Auto/ATA"

The other way is while xp is starts the setup it says at some point to press the F6 key >

“Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver”

and insert the floppy that should have came with your motherboard. However not all motherboards come with a floppy disk, in that case you can create a new floppy disk by following the guide below:

I realize that most computers now are sold without even having a floppy disk drive, in that case you will need to follow the option below:

[Advanced] You can also create a new cd rom by slipstreaming your sata drivers inside the cdrom. See this guide:

I hope this helps some people out there, please leave a comment.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nice collection of free screensavers (virus free, malware free)


Click here to download:


Did you know: Microsoft Office is licensed for two PCs?

In a twitter reply by Microsoft Australia (MSAU) today, we were reminded of a Microsoft Office license term that many people did not know. The reply to a tweeted question stated that whilst the Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office is licensed for installation on up to three machines, all other versions of Microsoft Office are in fact licensed for installation on two machines. Specifically, the license terms state:An extract from the Office 2010 licensing terms.

Extract from the MSLT.

The theory behind this not well-publicized license term is that many of today’s computer-users have both a desktop and a notebook (or other portable device), and thus it would be unjust for Microsoft to try to charge these users for both machines. Of course, a possible second reason for this license term is that more machines with Microsoft's Office installed equals less machines with competing productivity suites installed – and even if users aren't paying for both copies, that's still a win for Microsoft.

This license term applies to all Microsoft Office retail products, including the Academic editions.

Amendment: As iKenndac pointed out in the comments below, other productivity suites may have similar license terms (ie. Adobe products), so be sure to always check your license terms before shelling out for extra copies.