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Friday, October 1, 2010

Windows Live Essentials 2011 Release To Web Launch


Windows Live Essentials 2011 Launch today 10:00 AM (PST)

The version RTW (Release To Web) Build 15.4.3502.922 was built last week launched a Top Microsoft Partners and self-installed in all the Microsoft Network on 23th

New features

◦ Messenger Integration with Facebook - Now users have a place to chat with all your friends. Messenger now lets you stay tuned for more updates from your friends on different networks and talk with Facebook chat.

◦ Rapid advances in the photo gallery: The new user interface gallery, you can see a change before applying it, simply placing the mouse on the option. In the final version, we also added the ability to see the tab "Search." Therefore, before applying a filter (date, number, label), which can float on one of these filters and see the results instantly.

◦ Bing Maps Integration: A photo gallery is now integrated with Bing Maps with the functionality of location tags, allowing users to view a map of where the photo was taken determined.

◦ Integration with Flickr Video: The users of the most popular world of online photo service can now upload their videos to their Flickr accounts, allowing you to share your videos, even the most.

◦ Faster Messenger: The time to enter, update contacts and channels and the animation speed is faster than previous versions of Messenger.

◦ Efficiently Video Chat Video Chat Messenger now uses 30% less CPU resources, conduct of the work of the GPU (graphics processor), which means better performance.

◦ Best face recognition facial recognition of the gallery has had significant improvements and works faster.

◦ Load bsest films: Movie Maker now allows you to upload videos with higher resolutions to SkyDrive (480 x 640 x 480 compared to 320 in previous versions).
◦ Films with higher bit rate: Movie Maker now supports videos with a slightly higher rate of higher quality.

◦ Improved Spell: Windows Live Writer significantly improved the quality of the spelling.

◦ Better integration with Office, Windows Live Writer is much better to recognize and maintain the formatting of text in Word or another Office program when you paste.

◦ Better support for Gmail, Windows Live Mail now comes the spam folder and trash Gmail more accurately.

◦ Fastest web filter: Child Protection web filter is 35% faster than the previous version.

Download WLE 2011 RTW =)