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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solution: Disable the downloads Complete Firefox notification Pop-up

Some folks don’t like the pop-up notification Mozilla Firefox gives, when downloads are completed.
Especially when using REMOTE DESKTOP this notification pop up IS VERY SLOW!

You can turn that off using a hidden setting. Enter about:config in the location bar. (address bar, and press enter)

Search for the preference in the search box below the address bar (just copy paste the following and press enter)

double click to Modify the value to false.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to update Firefox addons to work with a new release


Have you ever got used to a Firefox addon that you really like, or just can't live without, and then a new version of either Firefox or Thunderbird is released, and suddenly your addon no longer works?

Of course, the generally recommended way is to search for a new version, but sometimes when you try to update your addons, you find there is no new version, or it seems like nobody is maintaining the addon any more. I tend to live on the leading edge of new Firefox releases, I want the new features, I want the latest, and I want it now, so I quite frequently hit this problem. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep using your favorite addons, usually with little or no risk.

The summary for those who just want to skim and jump in:

  • Download the addon file you want to update
  • Rename the addon archive file to add .zip to the end
  • Extract install.rdf
  • Edit install.rdf, find and change maxVersion, save the change
  • Pack install.rdf back into the install archive
  • Rename the file back to it's original .xpi name
  • Install using File, Open

The detail for those who need all the steps:
You will need only two free tools to help you do this job, and in this age I think it is reasonably safe to assume that virtually every user already has a copy of WinZip, the totally free 7-Zip or some other ZIP file management utility and hopefully knows how to use it. The other tool is a simple text editor. Microsoft's Notepad will do, but any other text editor will work if you have any particular preference. My preference is NotePad++ which is a good free programming and general purpose text editor.